Future Development


As we already described the potential in this project is very big, but there is a giant risk of a failure, due to the uncertainty in the local market. In order to decrease the chance for the failure, we will first focus in creating something like national Forum of the farmers, where they will be able to communicate with each other, and in the same time they will have the data both fir the land, and for the weather. We hope that with the increase of the peoples interest in the

site they will slowly start orientating to the more pragmatic use of the site, or the use of the data that Planet Labs are giving us. In this way we will be able to find more, and more people that are interested in our web site, and potentially increase our market.

Since our Business can be controlled from home our initial investment will be very low due to the fact that we won’t need to hire an office. We hope that our business will be successful due to the increase in the users. When we hit a certain amount of users we will start advertising products in order to start wining from our business. However when we start releasing some advertisement we won’t do that aggressively, but rather smoothly in order not to lose our base of customers.

Technological Approach


The obvious choice of platform will be a responsive website. This environment is most traditional and user intuitive. It can be used on the most simplest device, this will make creating an special app obsolete. This universal solution is also the best approach from man hour optimization point of view. It also fit the specialization of our team. The site will be equipped with Bootstrap responsive grid, in order to fit all of its elements neatly on absolutely any screen. Text elements will reorder themselves, images and map will resize, horizontal elements will reorder in vertical one. On smallerscreens the parallax menu will turn on parallax hamburger menu. The website will be made in the well proven “one pager” style. All this approaches will, also, maximize the user friendliness and will increase the user confidence in the usefully functionalities of our site. This will be achieved trough HTML, CSS, JS, JQ. For the main feauture, we will use Google Maps and on it we will incorporate the comparable data and the images from Planet Lab.


Niche or Final User

Woman with phone - online.jpg

Although our product is specialized we are counting on a wide user interest. Since this program is focused mainly on businesses we will focus mainly on people interested in development in this sector. However, we believe that since our product is user-friendly it will attract not only big companies, but also the middle and small enterprises.

Of course our main user will be the people who are interested in agricultural business, but we also believe that we may attract clients from business that are closely, and not so closely related to agriculture. We believe that investors will be interested to build factories near a places that are both close to the market, and close to the producer. And even if the factory isn’t agriculturally related, every factory requires a big amount of land, and the information where there is a big amount of free land will be well accepted by the factory creators. Another important user will be the owners of big herds. This app will give them the chance to move their herds without going in someone’s fields.

Although we know that the farming industry in Bulgaria isn’t so modern, and that we will need some time for our app to push in the market, we are optimist for the outcome of these idea. This market is growing because as the farming in Bulgaria gets more and more modernized, due to the European standards, more and more people will use our app.

The Problem


Although Bulgaria is one of the countries that have the chance for a great development in the agricultural sector we still don’t have good accurate information about the amount of harvest land. Due to the lack of such information we aren’t using our land efficiently. In a case when a new investor would like to start a business in the sphere of any agricultural business he needs to base his research on old, and not well represented data. In the same time a well represented, and daily actualized data about the current status of a certain land may not only be useful for the people who are specialized in agriculture, but also to all kinds of people from different sectors.

Another problem that we will try to cover is the problem with the weather broadcasting for these regions. We will upload some information for the weather in these particular moments and regions in order to be easier for the user to draw a conclusion from these data.

Another important problem that Planet Labs are solving is the accuracy of the information. Most of the information that a user can find in the web is without any information about the date of the information. Since Planet Labs gives a good account of the dates of their pictures we can take only the most up to date information. In the same time, we will give the user an easy and simple way to see the date of the information.

Mission objectives

dove-3__1The “Pluto” project aims to inform people about the quality, and quantity of the land in the Danubian Plane. This project is aiming to great a good platform that may motivate someone to start a bussines in the agricultural sector. This platform would be mostly usable by a small group of people. We hope that our nich will increase, since Europe subsidizidations on Bulgarian farming increases. Our main focus will be on territories near big cities.